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Order of St. Anna is founded on february, 14th, 1735 by Duke Karl Fridrih of Golshtein-Gottorp (the duke of Schleswig-Holstain, Storman and Ditmarsen, count of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, the title successor of Norway) in memory of the spouse Tsesarevna Anna Petrovna, in day of decade of their wedding.

It is entered in the Russian empire in 1742 by their son the Successor of the Throne Grand duke Peter Feodorovich (Emperor Peter III). It is ranked as the Russian awards by Emperor Paul I on April, 5th, 1797. Has four degrees. Members of the Russian Imperial House are hereditary gentlemen of Order and receive signs on the 1-st class, together with Order of St. Andrew the First-Called: Grand dukes - at the christening, and Princes of Imperial Blood - on reaching dynastic majority.

The motto: "Amantibus Justitiam, Pietatem, Fidem" - "Loving the Truth, Piety, Fidelity". The Festival day: 3/16 February.

Medal signs: a gold Cross, a red tape with a yellow border and an eight-final star.

Carrying rules: 1-st class - the Cross on a tape in width 10 see through the left shoulder, a star the right party of a breast; 2-nd class - the Cross on a tape in width 4,5 see a neck; 3-rd class - the Cross on a tape in width 2,2 see a breast; 4-th class - the Cross on a hilt of a cold steel with темляком from the Medal tape. At rewarding order of the higher degree signs on the lowest degrees do not rush, except for signs on an order of 4-th class on a cold steel.

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